Monday, July 18, 2005

Journalism Workshop

Russ Eshleman, Director of the Penn State Institute For High School Journalists, provides instructions to 45 high school students attending the week-long workshop at Penn State this week.

Journalism Workshop

Bill Mahon, Assistant Vice President for University Relations and Director of Public Information at Penn State University speaks to 45 high school students Monday afternoon at Penn State. The students are participating in the 2005 Penn State Institute For High School Journalists at University Park all week.


I wasn't able to upload the image of the mama alligator the last day of our trip. We took an airboat ride into Boggy Creek outside Orlando looking for gators and ran into two of them. One was six feet long and the other was eight feet long. Both were protecting their nests loaded with eggs.

Boggy Creek Scenic

Boggy Creek, Florida, was the site for this photograph. We went gator hunting there using an airboat.