Saturday, June 26, 2010

Surfing Camp

Youngsters from age six to 16 participated in a week-long surfing camp at Virginia Beach.

Surf's Up!

Surf's Up!

Va. Beach Tournament Volleyball

Virginia Beach Volleyball

Lifeguard Training

Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding

Walking On Water

Ahhhhh, Beach Volleyball

Surf's Up!

Virginia Beach From My Balcony

Looks A Little Lonely

View From My Balcony

This is the view straight down from my balcony at Ocean Beach Club in Virginia Beach.

Helo Operations Continue

A Navy CH-46 flies over vacationers at Virginia Beach this week.

Blue Marlin

My wife stands next to a 431-pound blue marlin caught off Virginia Beach this week.

Lone Swimmer

A lone swimmer passes by Virginia Beach, Va.