Sunday, April 22, 2007

Young Fans

Young Penn State baseball fans stretch across the top of the Penn State dugout at Lubrano Field for autographs before Saturday's doubleheader between Penn State and Northwestern.

Lonely In Right Field

One fan watches the Penn State baseball team from deep right field during Saturday's doubleheader between Penn State and Northwestern.

Right field was alive and kicking Saturday night at Lubrano Field for the Penn State - Northwestern doubleheader. Penn State swept the doubleheader and the fans in right field kept the Northwestern right fielder awake.

A Tribute and a Game

Penn State fans, more than 71,000 of them, poured into Beaver Stadium Saturday to see the 2007 Nittany Lion football team and at the same time, honor the 32 students and faculty killed earlier in the week on the campus of Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Va.

Moment of Silence

Two young women react to a moment of silence for those killed on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va., earlier this week as two students from Virginia Tech holds signs behind them that read, "We Are, Virginia Tech." More than 71,000 Penn State fans turned out for the 2007 Blue-White football scrimmage at Beaver Stadium.

Scrimmage Draws 71,000+ PSU Faithful

The weather cooperated for a change for Penn State's annual Blue-White football scrimmage and autograph session Saturday at Beaver Stadium where more than 71,000 fans turned out for a glimpse at the 2007 football team. Penn State students wore maroon and orange t-shirts to honor those who were killed at Virginia Tech earlier this week.


Penn State's Jay Paterno holds up a personalized Hawaii license plate featuring the famous "JOEPA" referring to his father Joe Paterno. It was provided by a fan during Saturday's autograph session at Beaver Stadium prior to the annual Blue-White football scrimmage.