Monday, August 01, 2005

Moving Day

This past weekend was moving day for my oldest son, Steve. He and his significant other bought a house on a mountain in Linden, Va. So, he loaded up the truck with a few of his best friends, and unlike Jed Clampett, moved from the city to the sticks. The following is a sampling of the photos that came out of the move.

The House

This is the house at the bottom of the driveway on top of the mountain.

Don't Try This At Home

My son's friends unload his wide-screen television from the moving truck Saturday on a mountain in Linden, Va.

Bringing in Firewood

Scout went to great lengths to gather firewood for the winter, even from the nearby lake.


Reeds fill the sides of a nearby lake in Linden, Va.

Who Is Walking Who?

My Grandson

My grandson Ryan was there and in no mood for photographs.

A Dog's World

We had lots of help, including that of several canines, like Scout.

Where's Stephanie?

There's this huge rock in front of my son's house in Linden, Va.

The Movers