Thursday, June 08, 2006

Early Bird Catches the Wave


I think she was flirting with me on the pier.


It's always nice to go out on the beach early before the masses get there.

Steve Starfish

I love vacation. I can be me.

King of the Seas

Oh yeah, there were sharks in the tank as well.

Fishing Lines of Communication

For $8 you can spend all day fishing off the pier at Virginia Beach. The fishing lines create an interesting pattern of lines when juxtaposed against the pylons.

Puffer Fish

Try looking him directly in the eyes.

Nice Aquarium

I'd like to have an aquariam this size at home. The kids taking photographs in the lower right corner give you some idea of the size of it.

Schools of Fish

We went to the Virginia Marine Science and Aquariam yesterday, and it was quite nice.