Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Virginia Beach Volleyball

Sea Gulls


You never know what you'll find on Virginia Beach, and the tracks prove it.

Our Time Share

Our time share in Virginia Beach is at Ocean Beach Club.


A sneezing tree startles a passerby on Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach.

Models Take A Break

Young women modeling for a hotel brochure on Virginia Beach take a break.

Neptune Is A Big Boy

Look closely and you'll see the model. Neptune is overlooks Virginia Beach.

You Can't See Me

A crab tries to hide in the sand, but I can see his eyes looking back at me.

Hitting The Surf

Kids participating in a surfing class, hit the water with their boards.

Getting Ready

Kids participating in a surfing class on Virginia Beach practice the standing position on their boards.

Young Surfers

Kids participating in a surfing class on Virginia Beach drag their boards to the surf.

At Anchor

A U.S. naval warship sits at anchor off Virginia Beach Tuesday. It later sailed out to sea.

I Was Stunned

Lifeguards Jog To Posts

Virginia Beach lifeguards run the beach to their respective posts in the morning.

You Tell Me