Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ellis' Gallery

Ellis had a gallery Sunday while playing tennis on campus.


While I was playing Ellis picked up my camera and began shooting. This one, which makes it appear I know what I'm doing, was in focus. (Photo by Ellis Abramson)

Pete Loads Up

Pete watches the tennis ball in during Sunday's tennis matches with Mark, Ellis, Jim, and I.

Eye on the Ball

Jim keeps his eyes on the ball before he swings at it with an unorthodox, albeit effective, return during Sunday morning's tennis.

Nothing Distracts Ellis

Not even a girl jogging in her swimsuit in a race on campus Sunday can distract Ellis when he's playing tennis.

Mark Teams With Ellis

Mark teamed up with Ellis and won at least 10 games during Sunday's matches on campus.

Ellis Was Magnificent!!

The alleys belong to Ellis this day. He hit six alley winners during Sunday's match on campus. If we (Jim, Mark, Pete, and I) hadn't seen it, we might have thought it was a fish story, but he was deadly in the alleys.

Irwin Family Reunion

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Irwin Family Reunion

My wife's family held their annual family reunion in Landisville Saturday. Family members from as far away as Spain attende, ate lots of food, and shared anecdotes (BS). This is one of two photos taken (one with and without me).