Tuesday, June 06, 2006


F/A-18 Hornets steak across the sky above Virginia Beach as the depart from Naval Air Station, Oceana. I miss the sounds of freedom.

War Ship

A U.S. naval warship glides across the horizon off of Virginia Beach. This is not an unusual sight for beachgoers. We haven't seen any aircraft carriers yet, although the IWO Jima is scheduled to leave this morning to meet up with other ships on its way to the Persian Gulf.


Fishing off the pier yesterday rendered everything from crabs to a 2-foot shark. I think I'll just go to Giant.

Surf's Up!

This young man takes a "flying" leap off of his board as he hits an incoming wave. Surfers run from shore and skim across the surface of the water until they hit the waves.

Ducks On Vacation

Mr. and Mrs. Duck tried the pool and found it was too cool, so they waddled over to the spa decided it was just right. The resort had to clear the pools and spas twice because of these two ducks.

Luxury Transportation

The Marine Corps provides the finest in transportation for its troops. These are the busses JD and his fellow Marines boarded for the trip to Camp Lejeune following graduation. Not much has changed in some ways over the years. You should see the transportation to the training sites.