Thursday, September 20, 2007

Please, It's Nothing Really, But Thank You

Penn State College of Communications professor Mary Beth Oliver wards off her many fans as she exits the Carnegie Building Thursday.

Attentive and Excited

Penn State photojournalism students listen to a lecture on how to use electronic flash Thursday in Carnegie Building. The excitement they felt is overwhelming.

That Doesn't Look Good

Penn State photojournalism student Bill Colsher reacts to an image HE took during a class on the use of electronic flash Thursday in Carnegie Building.

Capture A Moment

I'm not sure who or what Penn State photojournalism student Kate Matheson's facial reaction is directed at during a lecture on the use of electronic flash. I'm sure it wasn't me.

Hey, We're The Photographers!

Penn State photojournalism student Jean Wilson looks up from her camera just in time to be photographed as an example of fill-flash photography Thursday outside of Carnegie Building.

Thinking, Shooting, Adjusting

Penn State photojournalism students (L to R) Tanya Doggwiler, Travis Larchuk, and Jean Wilson practice using fill-flash outside of Carnegie Building Thursday morning.

Man On A Mission

Professor Bob Baukus tries to get past Comm. 269 Intro to Photojournalism students without being seen outside Carnegie Building Thursday.