Monday, June 29, 2009

The Family

My son (left to right) Jay, daughter-in-law Stephanie and my oldest son, Steve, and the wife, pose for a photo outside of our timeshare in Virginia Beach Sunday before leaving following a week of sun and surf. It should have last six months.

Wedding At Sea

This wedding couple is brought back to shore following their wedding at sea Saturday evening in Virginia Beach.

Towed In From Sea

The water version of AAA takes a boat in tow off of Virginia Beach Saturday evening. It was one of two boats that had to be towed in from the bay/ocean as we had dinner on the water.

Standing Watch

U.S. military personnel man one of two guns as a U.S. naval warship is guided into port at the U.S. Naval Base in Norfolk, Va., Saturday afternoon.

Great Reach!

Virginia Beach Volleyball

Virginia Beach Volleyball

Virginia Beach Volleyball

My son and his wife brave the waves of Virginia Beach last weekend.

How Romantic

How romantic: a girl, a deserted beach, and a cell phone.