Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bull Elk Silhouette

Just before sunrise Saturday morning, I walked out of the Benezette Hotel in Benezette, Pa., to see a bull elk standing in the yard of a home across the street from the hotel. I had to lie on the ground in order to capture the huge antlers as he popped his head in the air to see what I was doing.

Anyone Home?

A bull elk grazes outside the back door of Benezette, Pa., residence early Saturday morning.

Fall Winter

The colors of fall foilage stop suddenly with the bare trees on the right symbolic of the fall to winter change of seasons on the hills of Elk County, Pa.

Fall Colors

An interesting combination of fall colors and shadows formed by clouds create a pattern across the hills of Elk County, Pa., Saturday.

Fall In Elk County, Pennsylvania

Fall colors provide an artist's canvas for an elk cow in an open field near Benezette, Pa., Saturday.