Sunday, July 05, 2009

Waterfall Communication

This waterfall provided messages shaped by water. I have no idea how; all I know is it was cool.

4th Fest Fireworks

4th Fest Fireworks

Take Your Best Shot!

He's Gone!!

My youngest grandson Michael takes off from his mother's arms. Learning to walk turned to learning to run in a hurry for Michael.


My youngest grandson Michael throws a ball at me while playing in a wading pool of balls July 4th.

Close Your Eyes!!

My granddaughter Nicole reacts to the ball hitting the target triggering the seat release in the dunk tank over the weekend.

Get Ready

Jada Bender prepares to catch a water balloon during my sister's July 4th bash in Lancaster over the weekend.


My niece Jenny is a moment from going to the bottom of the dunk tank during my sister's annual July 4th bash in Lancaster.