Sunday, September 23, 2007

They Had A Reason To Dance

The Michigan dance team had good reason to dance Saturday as their Wolverines defeated Penn State, the number 10 team in the nation, 14-9.

A Sad Ending

Dejected Penn State fans sit at the top of Michigan Stadium following the Nittany Lions' 14-9 loss to the Wolverines before more than 111,000 onlookers.

"Hip" Blue Sapphire

P.J. Maierhofer, known to everyone who attends Penn State football games as Blue Sapphire, poses with her sunglasses at the Michigan - Penn State football game in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Saturday afternoon under blue skies and bright sunshine.

Take The Field

The Penn State Blue Band took the field at the "Big House" in Michigan Stadium Saturday in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and performed before more than 111,000 fans on hand for the Michigan-Penn State football game. The Nittany Lions had little to cheer about in their 14-9 loss to the Wolverines.

Big Tent at the Big House

There wasn't even standing room inside the blue and white tent prior to Saturday's football game between Penn State and Michigan at Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Penn State Alumni Association held a pre-game pep rally and invited more than a 1,000 of its closest alumni to root on the Nittany Lions.