Friday, May 14, 2010

Almost Graduation

Penn State students get some pre-graduation hat-throwing practice in before Saturday.

Hold Onto Your Hat!

A Penn State student holds onto her hat and her cell phone while waiting to have her photograph taken at the Nittany Lion Shrine Friday afternoon at Penn State.


College of Communications students leap for the sky the day before graduation at Penn State.

Looking For An Edge

Yesterday's track meet for 4th and 5th graders made for some interesting match-ups on the starting line.

Nicole Flies!

My granddaughter, Nicole, flies down the track in the 50-meter dash Thursday afternoon in State College, Pa.

Bar Tours Start Early

One of dozens of bar tours pass by my office window early Thursday afternoon in State College.


Jess and Jess pose in costume at their home in State College. The two were preparing for a dinner murder mystery with fellow students.

Who Is The Killer?

Penn State students pose in costume prior to beginning a dinner murder mystery game to find the killer.