Monday, January 05, 2009

Norwood Crunched

Penn State's Jordan Norwood gets sandwiched between two USC defenders during the 2009 Rose Bowl in Pasadena last Thursday.

Stealth Flyover

The B-2 Stealth bomber flies over the Rose Bowl prior to last week's game between Penn State and Southern California in Pasadena.

Flying High

Penn State's Blue Sapphire goes high in the air during a Penn State Alumni Association pep rally in Los Angeles prior to the Rose Bowl game in Pasadena.

Just Happy To Be With Me

Who looks happier on Rodeo Drive?

Luxury Watch Anyone?

Watches on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills sell for a mere $26,000+ and do the same thing my Timex does.

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive

Crystal Chandelier Street Lights

The street lights on Rodeo drive are made of crystal chandeliers protected by acrylic.

Hedge Funds

Luxury cars seemed to be a dime-a-dozen in Beverly Hills.