Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Blustery Virginia Beach

Yesterday was a lousy day to be a lifeguard at Virginia Beach. Rip tides and heavy seas prevented swimmers from entering the water. Only surfers and kayakers were permitted in the water, but the lifeguards had to be on duty until 5 p.m.

No Caption Needed

Call Me Nutcracker

Jaylene had to stop at a Christmas store on Virginia Beach, so I posed as the ultimate nut cracker.

Rough Seas

A small boat lifts high out of the water off Virginia Beach yesterday as it returns to calmer waters before docking.

Beach Was For the Birds

Guests at a hotel along Virginia Beach feed the seagulls from their balcony yesterday.


The beaches were closed to swimmers yesterday due to high surf and rip tides. Surfers and kayakers were permitted to be out.

Rough Waters

The winds were strong out of the north yesterday, so much so, that it was red flag day on the beach. No swimming, only surfers. This boat, returning from a day of fishing, got caught up in a trough and I though it was going to capsize as it returned to dock


Somehow, the dolphins always know where the fish are.